F8 Ventures offers a variety of technical and commercial services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Trading Support

The future is uncertain as geopolitical tensions are high and continued demand growth is closely linked to the health of global financial markets, which is still on life support following the collapse in 2009, however, what we do know is that the world will never be the same again and companies need to adapt and evolve.

F8 Ventures can assist companies who doesn’t posses the appropriate in-house experience nor competencies to modify, adjust and restructure their businesses. We can turn ideas into reality by providing assistance in closing deals, defining strategies or critically reviewing businesses. We can help originate deal flow, review business plans or just provide someone for managers to bounce ideas of whether it be on a specific deal or a more general note.


Refinery & Inventory Financing

F8 Ventures has significant experience in financial engineering and particularly refinery and inventory finance and has seen some of the pitfalls first hand and knows the criticality in maintaining a high level of flexibility whilst ensuring that the security is maintained at all times for the financier.

F8 Ventures can help provide a complete finance structure proposal tailored for a specific asset and/or business model or assist and support on specific issues related to inventory finance e.g. valuation of inventory and setting appropriate haircuts, legal structuring, review of unpumpable stock such as sludge, bottoms and clingage, evacuation and liquidation planning including technical review of logistics to ensure that liquidation is possible taking into account hardware, human resources as well as exterior factors such as impact from strikes, changes in tax regimes and licensing etc.

Investments & Divestments

Fortune favors the brave and the current combination of turmoil and uncertainty are creating opportunities to acquire assets at reasonable valuations. Traditionally asset light trading companies continue to substantiate their businesses with hard assets and expand into retail and distribution assets in order to control the outlets and private equity firms and pension funds are seeking infrastructure assets with good cash flow. Oil majors continue to divest from refining and downstream assets to focus on their core upstream business and are pulling out of from turbulent regions e.g. Africa, where indigenous companies are keen to get involved.
Early movers who started taking advantage of the situation in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis have started to get into consolidation mode whilst others continue to seek opportunities.
F8 Ventures provides advisory on asset strategy, originate potential acquisition targets, handle negotiations and provide implementation and operational support in the m&a process. 


Technical Upgrades & Modifications

Traditional trade routes are changing fast. North America has gone from the worlds largest importer of oil to a substantial exporter. The shipments from Asia are done on Lr1 and Lr2´s instead of the traditional MR´s. This is resulting in traditional importation facilities having to consider switching to exports in order to accommodate the new trade flows and in other places the berthing infrastructure has to be upgraded to accommodate the larger long haul ships and in some areas new blending hubs are created requiring more sophisticated terminal technology.

F8 Ventures has extensive experience of operating and managing logistics assets and is well placed to carry out due diligence, provide technical and market analysis and assist with project management from concept to completion.